magic wands

Wand bags

  • November 14, 2011

These velvet bags close by folding over at the top, tying with ribbon.  This makes them much easier to fit. They are usually wider than my sheaths, and therefore are excellent for thicker, or oddly-bent wands. They are  fully-lined with unbleached Muslin.

Wand Sheaths: Red Accents

  • November 13, 2011

  My wand bags and sheaths may be made of any glamorous, mysterious, or glitzy fabric that I find, but are always  lined with unbleached muslin to protect the energies of your ritual tools. Convo me with your length requirement before you make this purchase. Choose your red color: The deep and sumptuous ruby velvet, the dazzling Chinese red of my Phoenix Feather Illustrious Brocade, or the faded elegance of very old Zardozi Sari brocade.

Exotic high-energy Wenge Wood 16-1/2 inches

  • November 12, 2011

This gorgeous wood (pronounced “WENG-ay”) comes from the Congo and equatorial Africa. The black and brown grain is stunning, and creates a deeply textured surface when I cut it– the black grain is hard and shining as Ebony, while the brown grain is soft and matte. This wand is cut in my “Adhara” style, featuring graceful curves and the three-part “wedding band” decoration repeated three times. The simpler shapes are best, when the wood itself is so spectacular. It’s enhanced with softly patina-d bronze metal powder– not paint.

a gallery of Chandra wands

  • November 23, 2010

Chandra is a Hindu god of the air- of the firmament, really, the earth, sky, moon and stars. The elements are intended to denote the sphere of the earth, the moon, the star. The metal imagery is a little unusual; I am using Copper to signify the Earth (she is a watery planet, after all) Gold for the (Full) Moon, and the ethereal whiteness of Silver for the glimmering Star.   This wand is concieved as a triangular shape, and can be extremely massive at the butt end.  

a gallery of Celestino wands

  • November 23, 2010

Classic English styling Featuring a simple, narrow handle with flared finial at the butt and junction, this wand is my version of the wizard wand featured in a recent, popular movie series. Even so, it has the  the ball junction between the handle and the taper, a sure sign of a DragonMother wand. This shape makes a marvelous Crystal Scepter, as the following images show;   This wand is elegant and light in the shorter lengths; authoritative and imposing in the larger.

Pantheacon 2005

  • November 17, 2010

Five-and-a-half years ago, I went along with my costume-maker sister Kristi Smart to Pantheacon in San Jose. I just found this picture; you can see that I enjoy creating displays from found objects. In this case, the horizontal rack is an Art deco mirror frame that was on its last legs. I didn’t feel too badly about tucking a sheet of thin plywood in where the mirror had been, and some silver leaf satisfied my love of the shiney–  a wash of nicotine-yellow  glaze over  that made a more satisfactory backdrop for the wands. I sent wooden drawer knobs climbing…


  • October 15, 2009

I haven’t even put it down since it arrived! It’s everything I could ever have hoped for and the energy I get just from holding it has almost made me cry, I’m so ecstatic! It has such an incredible and complementary presence! It’s absolutely beautiful and could not suit me more! Thank you so much!!! Magically Yours, Jacqueline PS- You were completely right, the copper is a wonderful echo to the Malachite! Oh, and, amazingly, the color matches the candles in my room perfectly! : ) Jacqui chose a D’Orsay wand in Purpleheart, and she asked for eleven rings on…

Random Observations on Rosewood

  • April 24, 2008

I have four orders– three of them are disgracefully old. I decided to concentrate, and cut them during this Waxing moon. I get so nervous, because the wood is expensive to purchase, and I feel that each of these wands must show my very best efforts. I guess I feel that way about all of my work, but Rosewood does show my efforts. Uncompromisingly, in some cases. It was a very sensorial adventure. This is a hard wood, with a very smooth and dense grain. It cuts like butter– Difficult, pissy, arrogant butter. It polishes itself. If I keep my…

A new scabbard-style sheath

  • April 8, 2008

I just made a wand that is all of two feet long! And very slender at the neck. One thing that has been a real problem for me is packing my wands. Some of then are far more fragile than a stick of wood ought to be. I’ve come up with a solution, though. I took a length of PVC pipe, the kind with a thin wall. I made a double length tube of black velvet, which goes inside the tube, than folds over and goes back down the outside. I stitched the ends shut, and also to each other,…

Adrienne D.

  • January 27, 2008

I’m just at work right now, guess what’s in my locker? My Wand!!!!! There was a knock at the door at 8:30 this morning (eek!) and the postman gave it to me. I brought it in to show my friend Christine. It’s lovely by the way : ) Thank you so much for including the cloth case for it, that was very nice of you (and it’s a great colour). I’m looking forward to using it this Samhain! We’re doing a “heavy” ancestors ritual, not our usual fun and giggly stuff. I think I’ll ask to help cast the circle…

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