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Salutations, and Merry Meet!
My name is Shawn, my title is the DragonMother, and my vocation is to make toys and tools for fanciful folk.
In my work I strive for excellence in several ways; One, I wish to create a beautiful object, shapely, balanced and harmonious in its entirety. Two, I endeavor to embody the principles of magic, in whatever way they are called for, within the tools I make. Thirdly, I try to fulfill any requirements for the work necessary- either material or spiritual- to create what you, the practitioner, requires.
To further this, I engage in ongoing scholarship to expand my knowledge of magical, practical, and scientific attributes of all the materials I use. As I read and study in many disciplines, I take new information and add it to what is available. I welcome conversation about this, and any other matters.

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