Nov 172010

Five-and-a-half years ago, I went along with my costume-maker sister Kristi Smart to Pantheacon in San Jose.

WandWorks table at Kristi Smart Coats booth

I just found this picture; you can see that I enjoy creating displays from found objects. In this case, the horizontal rack is an Art deco mirror frame that was on its last legs. I didn’t feel too badly about tucking a sheet of thin plywood in where the mirror had been, and some silver leaf satisfied my love of the shiney–  a wash of nicotine-yellow  glaze over  that made a more satisfactory backdrop for the wands. I sent wooden drawer knobs climbing up each side, and hinged another bit of plywood in the back to make it stand up.

The curling design painted into the back, by the way, comes from a rather obscure book which I adore, by the magnificent Ursula K. LeGuin, called “Always Coming Home.”

The storage bins below are the frames from a Singer Sewing machine treadle table that a junk man was hauling off.  I made floors and walls for each compartment…

And yes, those are *cough* phallic objects upstanding there, next to the little froggie.

There’s a larger version of this picture, if you want to see more detail;  clickies

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  1. Sorry I missed you that year, I hope you come back again! Are you still making wands? Your work looks great but some of them don’t show any photos. The Dream Journey sounded particularly interesting if you could send a picture or two of those. Thanks very much, and have a great Thanksgiving!


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