Nov 262010

I found the pictures of this magic wand in my old records. I made it in November of 2004, for a woman who lives in Singapore.

This was a monumental work.  The rod is, of course, Rosewood. Mayling sent the twinned crystals to me before I began the work. The crystals were much larger than what I had been used to working with, and I tried to find a balance between their imposing diameter and the grace that I try to achieve in my shapes.

Along with the crystals, she sent a handful of lesser-quality crystals, which I pounded into fine sand. When I set the crystals into their sockets, I bedded them in the quartz sand plus silk fiber.

Mayling wanted a silver or gold wire link running down the inside of the rod, but I don’t have that drilling capacity.

Instead, I used one strand of gold wire, and two of silver and wrapped  them around the outside of the rod, anchoring them with hand fashioned silver staples, each of which became the stem of a grape leaf– cut from Silver sheet. I was able to find a small amount of goldfilled headpins with larger than usual heads, and those became the “grapes.”

A truly one of a kind creation!

Aug 052007

I received the wand today and it is amazing! It is every bit as beautiful as the picture! As soon as I unwrapped the wand and picked it up it had real nice energy! I did a dedication ceremony and it now sits in my Sacred Room with my other Egyptian Implements! Egyptian and Native American are my main Healing Modalities, connect very strongly with these when Channeling and in Meditation! Shall be an amazing Healing Implement addition! Thanks Much for the Gifting of this amazing Power Wand!

Isis Osiris Rod

( Atasha chose this Egyptian crystal Rod, goldleafed and polychromed in imitation of Turqoise, Carnelian, and Lapis (As the ancient Egyptians themselves often did)

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