Jan 272008

I’m just at work right now, guess what’s in my locker? My Wand!!!!! There was a knock at the door at 8:30 this morning (eek!) and the postman gave it to me. I brought it in to show my friend Christine. It’s lovely by the way : ) Thank you so much for including the cloth case for it, that was very nice of you (and it’s a great colour). I’m looking forward to using it this Samhain! We’re doing a “heavy” ancestors ritual, not our usual fun and giggly stuff. I think I’ll ask to help cast the circle so I can use it. Some way I’ll work it in…; )

Adrienne picked out a Myrrdin Wand, cut from dark Walnut wood. She chose to leave the wood unadorned with any leaf at all.

Nov 022007

Words from Reverend Styx
The wand is so beautiful! Thank you so much for offering me the chance to own this lovely instrument! I especially loved the natural burl in the pommel of the wand, it’s so much like a wooden geode. Not only did it arrive just in time to be dedicated on the summer solstice, but I also believe this to be a heritage piece, along with Victoria’s wand. We will definitely be passing these down to future generations of pagans.

The Reverend chose, once again, an Adhara shape. This wand was 19 inches long, and I made it from Red Eucalyptus. The wood is from a branch, and the bark was incorporated into the turning.

Jul 022004

I cut some oak wood yesterday. When the group of six wands (Three Adhara, three Celestino, three Myrrdin) were finished, the wood looked… uninteresting. There just wasn’t the lift of magic in it. So, I mixed up some colors and rubbed pigment into them- Green for Celestino, Red for Myrrdin, Blue for Adhara. They are wonderful!
I will be offering them for the same price, as soon as I can take pictures of them- the imps have been tampering with my camera… They love anything mechanical, but they really should stay away from digital equipment!

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