Sep 172005

Tess, Riley, and JJ at Borders Books

…My son decided he’d like to go To Barnes & Noble and wait all night to get our copy of the Half-Blood prince. So, I told him we would go. He got into his robe, hat, and specially-made wand (thank you again, Dragonmom!!) and headed out.

JJ was really funny- he noticed that many of the wizards at the adventure had wands… but noone seemed to have a *real* wand. He sniffed kind of snotty and said ‘You wouldn’t see me carrying a plastic FAKE WOOD wand’. it was really funny the way he said it! My little wand snob. :)
Of course, I have a darling little baby that I was able to dress as baby-Potter.

Baby Riley looks at her brothers rainbow magic wand

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